Extra Software

Below is a guide to installing Team Ninja IPTV to your Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick Installation

On your Firestick device, go to Settings from the menu and click on Device option

Click on the Developer Options and select Apps from Unknown Sources option to turn on it. With this, you can install any third-party apps on the Firestick device.

After this step you are no able to install 3rd party Software, please go to the next Section to learn how to download the "Downloader" app

Downloader app is the most commonly used Firestick app to install any third-party apps. It will let you download any apk version of the app to access it on your Firestick devices

Step 1 – Go to Home screen of your Firestick by clicking Home button on remote

Step 2 – Hover over search icon and type in “Downloader” highlight it and click it

Step 3 – Cick Downloader icon

Step 4 – Click Download button

Step 5 – Click Open button

Step 6 – If you are presented with this dialog, click Allow button

Step 7 – Click OK button on update notes

Step 8 – You have now downloaded "Downloader"

Step 9:  Please Enter the following URL in the Box, I made the URL super Easy for this installation.

Step 10:  Click install and when it asked if you want to Delete the apk after install you can go ahead and do so.

Congratulations you have installed Team Ninja IPTV, now all there is left to do is open it, name your profile something, it does not matter, insert your Username and password making sure you get the Caps correct and you are good to go. Thank you